Advice for Writing Memos, Letters, and E-mails Your Colleagues and Clients Will UnderstandGET TO THE POINT!
Painless Advice for Writing Memos, Letters, and E-mails Your Colleagues and Clients Will Understand, Second Edition

by Elizabeth Danziger

Mesa Publishing Company

ISBN: 9-780-9819-7860-4

248 pages, $14.00 (paper)

Thousands of readers have happily learned to write more clearly by reading this book.

Cut your writing time in half by using the simple, time-tested techniques of Get to the Point! You'll accomplish more and your readers will understand your ideas the first time they read them. You will save time and advance your career by getting to the point … no more follow-up phone calls and memos because people didn't understand what you wrote. No more doubts about the quality of your writing.

Getting to the point means transmitting your point--your idea, proposal, or request-- straight into the mind of your reader. Get to the Point! will guide you through the real experience of business writing.

  • Do you want to be a better writer?
  • Are you an executive who wants employees to write clearly and concisely?
  • Are you a technical expert who wants to write in plain English?
  • Do you work for someone who expects you to clean up his or her dense documents?

Here, finally, is the clever, informative book you've been looking for.

The second edition of this classic text contains a new section on writing email and composing for social networks. Valuable tips guide you to make all your electronic writing crisp, powerful and to the point.

Recommend this book to anyone who dreads writing -- or whose writing you dread reading. You'll be glad you did!

"I just finished your book, Get To The Point, and I can’t tell you how helpful it is!  It is a book that has earned a place on my desk as a great reminder to continue to strengthen my communication.  Thanks for your wisdom, guidance and creativity!"
 --- Robin Keefe, Non-profit Executive, Los Angeles California

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