All WorkTalk trainings are customized to meet your needs.


We deliver most of our trainings on-site in live training sessions. The length of live sessions ranges from two hours to a full day (7 hours), depending on what topics the client requires. Some clients choose to offer a series of shorter sessions.


Most training modules can be adapted to 60 or 90-minute webinars.

Core Business Writing Training

  • Shaping Your Message
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Writing for Maximum Impact
  • Revising for Results

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Email Effectiveness Training

  • 10 Principles of Effective Email
  • Writing Emails that Get a Response
  • Responding to a Complaint
  • Warming up the Tone of Your Emails

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Advanced Trainings

  • Advanced Business Writing
  • Persuasive Writing Workshop
  • Managing People Who Write

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Save your reputation! Avoid stress and pressure.

Training: Why put your organization at risk? Train your employees and save yourself from costly mistakes and wasted time.

Coaching: Why agonize over every email and document? Let us help you overcome your fears of writing.

Writing: Why force yourself to do what an experienced writer can do for you? Let us give you the document you're looking for.

Editing: Why wait for your reader to find your mistakes? Let us edit your document first and make it perfect.


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Why choose WorkTalk trainings?

  • Taught by a professional writer. +

    These courses are not taught by a general skills trainer who happens to teach writing. Elizabeth Danziger has been published by major publishing houses such as Random House and Harcourt Brace. Her work has appeared in many national magazines. She is an expert writer and editor who brings her knowledge as a resource to participants.
  • Customized. +

    Every Worktalk training is customized to the client's needs. We meet with you, analyze writing samples from your organization, and customize our training to target the specific challenges that employees in your organization face.
  • Energetic and entertaining. +

    With plenty of exercises and opportunities for interaction, the Worktalk trainings move quickly. Subjects that were terrifying in grammar school become fun and interesting in these outstanding programs.
  • Proven results. +

    In trainings all over the country, Ms. Danziger has enabled participants to streamline their organizing process, eliminate persistent errors, and drastically cut their revision time. Clients spend less time on key communications while producing better relationships and results. Sales people get more positive responses from prospects.
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